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Casey Lawrence (she/they) has a PhD in English literature from Trinity College Dublin and is the author of three LGBT+ YA novels with JMS Books. After becoming a published novelist at just 19, she has pursued all kinds of interests and won't be tied down to writing about just one topic. Canadian by origin, nomad by choice, she is currently based in Sweden.

Proudly bisexual, autistic, and a nerd, I consider myself perfectly imperfect and more than just a bit goofy.

My Interests

I write fiction, nonfiction, journalism, reviews, and poetry: whatever strikes my fancy. Here are just some of the topics you might find me writing about on this page:

📚 Literature & Books

📓 Fiction & Poetry

👩‍🏫 Higher Education

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Rights & Activism

🧠 Disability & Autism

✈️ Travel

💻 Technology

& so much more!

Interested in these topics? Check out my curated Lists page or click one of the links above for an example of my work in that genre!

To see more of my work, follow me on Medium or check out my personal nonfiction, nonfiction journalism and longform fiction. I do not monetize poetry or flash fiction. I own and edit the Medium publication Reviewsday Tuesday, which is currently accepting new writers.

I have three YA LGBTQ novels published with JMS Books! Check them out here.

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Dr. Casey Lawrence

Dr. Casey Lawrence

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Canadian author of three LGBT YA novels. PhD from Trinity College Dublin. Check out my lists for stories by genre/type.